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Sage Cloud bookkeeping

Getting into the cloud can bring huge benefits when it comes to bookkeeping.

Cloud software is perhaps the most important development in bookkeeping and accounting technology in recent times. At Broderick & Leslie we can introduce you to the Sage One system, which uses the cloud to make bookkeeping easier and more efficient.

A cloud system is simply one where the data is stored on a remote secure server and is accessed over the internet. The great advantages of cloud software are:

  • Convenience - you can access your accounting system anytime and anywhere, and view your data in real time
  • Efficiency - as your accountants we can easily monitor your data without the need for transferring CDs and memory sticks back and forth
  • Security - there is no need to continually back up your accounting data because it is all stored on a remote secure server
  • Automation - you don’t need to worry about software updates as these happen automatically.

To find out more about Sage One and cloud bookkeeping software and how it could benefit your business, contact us.